About Ivan

I’m a German artist who likes to create unusual works. My creations cover a wide range of themes such as strange faces and creatures, animals and scribbles.

I don’t try to represent the traditional idea of beauty because I believe that art is not about portraying things as they are but as they are perceived. For me, art means a great adventure directed by my total freedom of choice.

As an outsider artist, my production is inspired by genres such as Brut Art and Folk Art that have used everyday objects and images as a source of creativity. I’m a self-taught artist who acts from an intrinsic motivation based on elements such as spontaneity and subjectivity.

My paintings are created from vibrant colours, intense brushstrokes and simplified forms. Color works as a vehicle of expression and energy that calls for the attention of the eyes and the sympathy in the heart of the viewer.

Ivan Summersky, May 27, 2024