FRITZ/WALD Art-Gallery

The FRITZ/WALD Art-Gallery was founded 2018 in germany.

We run a Online-Art-Magazine which showcases independent + experimental art.
We fostering the innovation + diversity of still known and unknown artists which make today’s art scene versatile.

We try to give a spotlight to artists who are still at the beginning of their work + engage with our readers everyday through our social media.

FRITZ/WALD is very pleased to announce an open call for the first Issue „#1“!

Artists from all around the world are welcome to submit their works for consideration in the following medium: painting, sculpture, photography, textile, installation, mixed media, film etc.

The magazine is published every six months.In each issue nearly 30 artists are presented.
Each artist is automatically added to our artist directory. In addition, your submitted works will be published on our comming website or social media.
We are happy to link to your website.
This is a free way for unknown artists to boost their prominence a bit.
You can also use your article as a reference for future exhibition applications or publish on your own website.

June 1, 2018

for the first and secon Issue its free

HOW TO APPLY: (email to:

  1. Please confirm that we may use your works (photos, texts, names, contact details) commercially for our online magazine, blog or social media.
  2. apply 4-8 images (format: jpeg; 72 dpi; title_name_surname.jpg; limit for one image: 2 MB)
  3. website, e-mail, artist statement about their body of work and image information (title, medium, dimension, year)
  4. tell us something about you!

The competition is open to all artists! Applicants must be 18 years of age or older!

All published artists will receive a digital copy of the magazine and will be promoted on our comming website/social media.

All artists who provide a working email address will be notified via email.
Unfortunately we are unable to include every artist in our magazine. Maybe you just try your luck again in a few months with a few new works.

If you do not appear in the next issue, then you may appear in one of the next editions.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to send any applicant an cancellation. SORRY!!!

Please submit an article, exhibition review or interview with the artist or art professional via email!



Editor-in-Chief and Founder
Ivan Summersky

Technical Director
Chi Hong Tao

Editorial Assistant Writers
Yi Wen Tao
Layla Thomson