Fuji 2019

Through a three-week trip to Japan, in Osaka, Kyoto, Fujiyoshida and Tokyo, I got to know the breathtaking landscapes, culture and hospitality of this beautiful country.

During an overnight stay at the foot of Mount Fuji, in the enchanting city of Fujiyoshida, the Typhoon Faxia raged. In this stormy night, the friendly mountain spirit FU appeared to me in my dream. Fu was a pilgrim who was killed by a Typhoon hundreds of years ago on his way to Mount Fuji.

I was instructed by him to paint pictures of Mount Fuji to capture the beauty and strength of this mountain for a long time. As a gift, he would make sure that my big dream (to become known as an artist in Japan) would come true. According to him, a wealthy and powerful Japanese would organize a big exhibition for me. FU would heroically reward this Japanese!

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