Why I Sell Paintings Online

I am a non-conventional outside artist who endeavors to sell paintings online because the internet gives me more control over my marketing. This is critical given the unorthodox nature of the works, which have limited places for promotion. As you may have noticed, my sitesell paintings online provides education about the genre in order to act as a “market maker” for art brut. The information gives more people the understanding needed to become interested in buying my art than could be achieved by other avenues.

This factor makes the online route a superior option than specialty art fairs, which mainly feature more established artists, and an audience already “in the know” about outsider art. As the Art Business site reports, “the Internet is becoming increasingly important as a marketing tool, artists and the art business included. Plenty of art is already selling online, more and more art will be sold online, and artists‘ websites are fast becoming the primary vehicles for showing work and presenting credentials.”

My paintings cover many themes, from fantastical portraits, to social commentary. I use either eBay or a e-commerce shopping cart on my site to sell paintings online. If you have just learned about outsider art through examining my gallery and articles, now that you know about it, why not get in touch with me to order one of my works? Interested parties can click here to make contact.